Parent helpers out the back are VERY important to ensure children are dressed and ready for each dance. If you are only watching one concert we encourage you to help for the other. If this is your first year with BDA and would like to help but are a bit unsure of what to do, please let us know and we can buddy you with a veteran so they can show you the process.

Please remember that all volunteers will need a current Blue Card AND have it linked to BDA. No one is allowed backstage or side-stage without a blue card. You cannot even walk your child into the dressing room to drop them off. There will be a designated drop off/pick-up point for parents who haven’t volunteered and given us their blue card. Please don’t make it hard for our volunteers on the day by asking to walk your child to the dressing room if you aren’t a volunteer. The answer will be no. If you have not already done so, please see Daniel at the office to organise your Blue Card.

Helpers required:

Backstage with costume changes: Assist the children in being dressed and ready side stage, at the right times.
Side-stage with props: This year we don’t have many props, but we still need some assistance with bringing them on to the stage and taking them off if required. Things like wands, stars, ribbons, etc.
Sign in/out desk: Check off a list when kids get dropped off or collected. Ensure no parents go past without a Blue Card.
Runner/Gofer: Students will need to be chaperoned between their rehearsals, or can be sent around the theatre shuffling children around.
Ticket Scanner: This year all tickets have been organised through Ticketebo, and as each ticket holder enters the theatre they will need to be scanned by a device. The scanning process is a bit slow so we are planning on having several volunteers at each door to speed up the process.

Please note, the preferences you select below may be changed depending on number of volunteers.

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