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The results speak for themselves.
We couln't be prouder of the effort
and dedication shown by all of
these amazing dancers.

Elite Training
Providing elite dance training second to none, BDA has successfully auditioned 100% of our students who applied to full time schools.
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Our teachers are constantly attending syllabus and training workshops to stay up to date with the latest styles.
Student Showcase
We pride ourselves in our student's hard work. We feature students in frequent online video campaigns to showcase their progression and passion.
Costume Hire Scheme
We purchase the end of year concert costumes so you don't have to, and in turn hire them out at a fraction of the price you would have to pay elsewhere.

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Important Dates

Term Dates 2018

- Term 1
Monday 29 January - Thursday 29 March

- Term 2
Tuesday 17 April - Friday 29 June

- Term 3
Monday 16 July - Friday 21 September

BDA Concert

24 November

Facebook Feed

19th of June 2018 11:08 AM Link
We would like to congratulate the Bundaberg Dance Academy Performance Team on such incredible results at the recent Maryborough Eisteddfod.
All of our students conducted themselves so wonderfully in the dressing room and backstage and were absolute superstars on stage. They worked very hard for two very long days but had so much fun in between.
It really is my pleasure to travel around with this amazing bunch of students and their parents and share these weekends. So much bonding and team work happens throughout these eisteddfods and it’s lovely to see.
Thank you to the Maryborough Eisteddfod for a wonderful competition in a fabulous venue.
It was great to catch up with other studio owners who are all there with the same focus in mind...Experience and growth for our students in a supportive environment.
I was congratulated several times by other studio owners on our groups. At the very end of the Eisteddfod sitting with my 12 & under Contemporary group a fellow studio owner made the effort to come up to me with the kids around me and congratulate us on having so many groups and all of them looking so amazing and polished. It was so nice for the students to be able to see the support for our studio from others.

Thanks again to the amazing support team of teachers I have. You guys are the best. Thanks to my BDA families who spend so much time and effort letting their kids do what they love. I know you all see how much it’s worth it when they get on stage.

Looking forward to the next one.

Maryborough Eisteddfod Group Results

1st - 6 & under Jazz
1st - 6 & under Tap
1st - 8 & under Jazz
1st - 8 & under Acro
1st - 10 & under Contemporary
1st - 10 & under Acro
2nd - 10 & under Lyrical
2nd - 10 & under Classical
2nd - 10 & under Tap
3rd - 10 & under Jazz
1st & 2nd - 12 & under Tap
1st & 3rd - 12 & under Hip Hop
1st - 12 & under Contemporary
2nd - 12 & under Jazz
2nd - 12 & under Lyrical
2nd & 3rd - 12 & under Classical
1st - 14 & under Tap
1st - 14 & under Lyrical
1st & VHC - 14 & under Jazz
1st - 14 & under Contemporary
1st - Open Cabaret
1st - Open Acro
1st - Open Contemporary
1st - Open Tap
1st & 2nd - Open Hip Hop
2nd - Open Lyrical
VHC & VHC - Open Jazz
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